Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are having issues with account registration, please review the following frequently asked questions before proceeding.If your question is not covered below, please send your question via email to

    Question:  After filling out the registration form, I was informed that ANSYS is unable to provide me access to an ANSYS account.

    Answer:  This occurred because the information that you provided was flagged when going through our automated export compliance screening process, indicating a possible conflict with U.S. laws and regulations. ANSYS may be able to grant you access pending a manual review. The manual review may take up to 2 business days. If you are manually cleared, you will receive a follow-up email indicating that your export compliance screening has been successful, and you will be able to continue the registration process.If you don’t hear from us within a day or two of your original registration, you can send an email to

    Question:  I was unable to complete the email verification step and submit the registration form.

    Answer:  Email verification requires the following steps in order for us to verify that the email you gave for registration is a valid email address:

    1. Enter your email.
    2. Click the “Send verification code”.
    3. Look for an email from “Microsoft on behalf of ANSYS” and in the body of that email you will find a six-digit verification code. Check your spam folder if you don’t see this email within a few minutes. If you still don’t see it, return to the Sign Up page and click “Send new code”.
    4. Return to the Sign Up page and enter that six digit numeric code in the “Verification code” field.

    Once the above steps have been completed, you should be able to continue to fill out the remaining fields on the registration form.

    Question:  I submitted the Sign Up form, but got the error message “Service unavailable”.

    Answer:  This occurs occasionally when too many requests are received simultaneously. We are working to address this issue, but it is intermittent in nature. Simply click here to retry the registration. The process should pick up where you left off.

    Question:  I submitted the registration form, but got the error message “A user with the specified ID already exists. Please choose a different one”.

    Answer:  This indicates that you have already registered (or at least started the registration process) with that email address. Please click here to sign in to your account. If you do not remember your password, click “Forgot your password?” on the Sign In screen.